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Marriage Coaching


We are Shayne and Sheila Pitcock.

Are you having the same old argument and can't seem to get resolution, or is your marriage critically broken and feeling hopeless?

Are you looking to start marriage on a solid foundation and avoid potential pitfalls?

Whatever your marriage status and goals, we can help you get unstuck and experience true unity.

"You have a 100% chance of success in marriage when you do it God's way."

Pastor Jimmy Evans, XO Marriage

What We Offer

  • A fresh approach for marriage restoration

  • We spend full days with a couple guiding them back into unity with God and one another

  • Using Biblical Truths, we help couples get unstuck so they can resolve conflict, communicate effectively, and restore intimacy

  • We also off SYMBIS Assessments for any stage of marriage


Personal Coaching

A healthy marriage is built with two healthy people. Sometimes, additional support is needed for the issues brought into the relationship. We help you determine areas of your life that are impacting the marriage and help you pursue your personal goals.

Pre-Marital Coaching

Whether it's your first marriage, or considering another marriage, we provide coaching that will ensure the greatest success without bringing unnecessary "baggage" into the marriage.

Marital Coaching

Many times guidance and support are necessary during difficult times of the marriage journey. We provide insights that can help you get unstuck.

Marriage Mediation Transformation Experience

Tailored for couples facing challenges and those who may be feeling disheartened about the future of their relationship, this immersive experience offers an extended opportunity to delve deep into your core issues.
Mediation is two full days of a focused, private, one-on-one experience designed for couples struggling with repeated conflict. This approach, using materials from XO Marriage, provides couples the opportunity to fully process their primary hurts with confidence and without interruption.

  • Realign with God's perspective

  • Restore joy unity, and intimacy

  • Fall in love all over again

  • Communicate effectively and resolve conflict with win/wins


Preston and Julie

"Anything worth doing takes work...and this is work WORTH doing! Shayne and Sheila addressed immediate communication needs and were creative in bringing truth in love to help us grow."


"I was skeptical at first but after two days of coaching, we found a clear breakthrough in our marriage and how we communicated with each other. It was life changing."

Tim and Michelle

Tim and Michelle pursued the pre-marital coaching to expose concerns from previous marriages.

"The coaching Shayne and Sheila did with us was so eye opening and critical for us to adjust our thinking and responses to each other as we came together in marriage!"

Rodney and Sharon

"We were on the verge of divorce, and now we are back on track, more determined than ever to make it a forever covenant!
You holding each of us accountable, providing very constructive feedback, dealing with the toughest issues while in a safe environment, was pivotal!"


What is Christian life coaching?

The focus of Christian Life Coaching is to help clients set and reach their goals, maximize their potential, and step more fully into their God-given calling. Finding solutions is a results-oriented systematic progression and although life coaches act as facilitators to help unlock potential and gifting, it is the client who primarily guides the process. The key here is to understand coaching as a journey that takes place over time through a relational alliance between the life coach, the client, and the Lord.

What is pre-marital coaching?

Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Using the SYMBIS Report, pre-marital coaching helps you investigate, understand, and apply valuable information prior to marriage.

What is marriage coaching?

Marriage coaching implements the concepts of life coaching and applies those concepts directly to the marriage relationship.

How is coaching different than counseling?

Coaching focuses on beliefs and how our thought life plays into the restoration of our relationships. Coaching is used to help the client(s) get unstuck from past beliefs that prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Counseling is more process-oriented and usually dives deeper into mental and/or emotional disorders, abuse, addictions etc. We leave these processes to the professionals trained to address those specific issues and focus more on teaching couples how to do marriage God’s way so they can experience long-lasting restoration.

How do I know if I need a marital coach?

If you are feeling lost, unfulfilled, stuck in a rut, or hopeless, then our coaching services may be right for you. Our marriage coaching services can also be helpful if you are going through major difficulties, a marriage separation, or a divorce.

What is Marriage Mediation Transformation Experience?

The Marriage Mediation Transformation Experience is designed for couples facing a variety of challenges or simply seeking clarity about their future together. Our focus is on helping you find breakthrough and begin the process of healing and restoration in your marriage.

What is the disclaimer about Marriage Mediation?

Marriage Coaching Notification: Shayne and Sheila Pitcock are certified by the XO Mediator Institute to conduct marriage mediation. Shayne and Sheila Pitcock are also Certified Professional Christian Life Coaches (CPCLC) by the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI). Neither the XO Mediator Institute nor the certified mediator, Shayne or Sheila Pitcock, represent licensed professional counseling from licensed professional counselors as defined in the Texas Licensed Professional Counselor Act.

How much does marital coaching cost?

The cost of our coaching varies depending on the services you choose. We offer a free consultation so that you can get to know us and learn more about our services before you commit to working with us.

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