Our Story

The Beginning

It was love at first sight and we were married after just 5 months of dating! With us both being Christians, we believed marriage would just magically happen and we would live happily ever after. We had no idea how much our very different backgrounds would affect our fairytale vision.

The Dysfunctional years

13 years and 3 kids later, we decided to set out on a grand adventure. We sold our home and moved into a large 5th wheel travel trailer. This ended up being the pressure cooker where all our dysfunction came to a boiling point. This was the beginning of our individual healing as well as the catalyst for getting the marriage help and direction we needed.

God's Redemption

We went through 3 separations over the course of several years. Each one got us closer to our own identity and healing. God was so faithful to teach each of us what we needed in order to grow and heal our hearts and souls. His vision for our marriage was beautiful and He was faithful to walk with us through every step. We are honored that God is now using that wisdom to help other couples through our story of redemption.

Vision and Mission

Vision: For every marriage to experience healing, intimacy, and joy as they regain unity with God and each other.

Mission: To help couples around the world gain hope and encouragement, within a safe environment, so they can be restored to wholeness, experience true unity, and fulfill God's purpose through their marriage.


Marriage Coaching Notification: Shayne and Sheila Pitcock are certified by the XO Mediator Institute to conduct marriage mediation. Shayne and Sheila Pitcock are also Certified Professional Christian Life Coaches (CPCLC) by the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI). Neither the XO Mediator Institute nor the certified mediator, Shayne or Sheila Pitcock, represent licensed professional counseling from licensed professional counselors as defined in the Texas Licensed Professional Counselor Act.

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