Our Services

Personal Coaching

A healthy marriage is built with two healthy people. Sometimes, additional support is needed for the issues brought into the relationship. We help you determine areas of your life that are impacting the marriage and help you pursue your personal goals.

Pre-Marital Coaching

Whether it's your first marriage, or considering another marriage, we provide coaching that will ensure the greatest success without bringing unnecessary "baggage" into the marriage.

Marital Coaching

Many times guidance and support are necessary during difficult times of the marriage journey. We provide insights that can help you get unstuck.

Marriage Mediation

Tailored for couples facing challenges and those who may be feeling disheartened about the future of their relationship, this immersive experience offers an extended opportunity to delve deep into your core issues. Mediation is two full days of a focused, private, one-on-one experience designed for couples struggling with repeated conflict. This approach, using materials from XO Marriage, provides couples the opportunity to fully process their primary hurts with confidence and without interruption.

  • Realign with God's perspective

  • Restore joy, unity, and intimacy

  • Fall in love all over again

  • Communicate effectively and resolve conflict with win/wins


Marriage Coaching Notification: Shayne and Sheila Pitcock are certified by the XO Mediator Institute to conduct marriage mediation. Shayne and Sheila Pitcock are also Certified Professional Christian Life Coaches (CPCLC) by the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI). Neither the XO Mediator Institute nor the certified mediator, Shayne or Sheila Pitcock, represent licensed professional counseling from licensed professional counselors as defined in the Texas Licensed Professional Counselor Act.

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